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What We Do     

Media Relations

We’re in the business of communications. Literally.  We have decades of experience across journalism and PR – creating effective messaging for individuals and organisations.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and understanding of media. We have fostered relationships with newsrooms, journalists, editors and producers around the country and abroad and we will foster a relationship with you.

At AUBE, we have you covered from the creation and distribution of media releases, organising interviews, writing and pitching opinion pieces, developing key messages and identifying contentious issues, to individual and group media coaching.

We also specialise in Crisis Communications – identifying risks in your organisation and helping you avoid or minimise their impact in the media.

Crisis Audit

If the ‘worst case’ scenario were to play out, how would your company react, what would you say and do; what would your company look like in a crisis?

AUBE Communications will identify potential crises and create a tailored crisis communications plan to minimise the negative impact if a crisis occurs.

Issues and Crisis Management/Brand and Reputation Management

Who represents your company and what does your reputation mean to you?

Our team can help avoid and/or minimise the impact of, and recover from serious issues and crises.  We have helped organisations navigate through minor incidents as well as full scale disasters.  We understand the 24-hour media cycle and provide strategic counsel and direct advice and support.

Government Relations

How do you engage with the right people at the forefront of the decision-making process?

AUBE Communications understands how government works.  We’ll help your organisation navigate through the government process and effectively engage with the right people.

Media Training

So much of what we say isn’t just about the context, it’s how we say it for it to be received positively.

AUBE Communications can give you the skills and training you need to effectively manage media and get your message conveyed to the right people, the right way.

Content Creation

We can help your organisation with everything from editing and refining documents; ensuring perfect spelling, grammar and structure to writing speeches that captivate audiences, and creating original content that effectively communicate what your organisation is all about, be it a newsletter, blog post, a letter to stakeholders or website and social media content.

Stakeholder Engagement

So often it’s not just about what you know, it’s who you know and knowing the right stakeholders to engage with can help your business evolve and grow.

At AUBE we can identify the right stakeholders for your organisation and help foster relationships and connections with individuals and organisations.